Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Rasin Rides

Without a doubt, my 2nd favorite time of year for cycling for a few reasons:

  • The State Fair has concluded.  Here in Palmer we're finally free of the "holy-shit" pace of life for these lovely couple weeks.  Thousands of drivers focused more on flat beer, funnel cakes and bricks of deep fried starch than my flashing bicycle light.  I'd love to have a dart gun for (a) the 197 year-old drivers who manage to drift over and give more space AFTER they've passed.  Jesus, just hang it up already.  And (b) the under-25 male your-tax-dollars-will-someday-pay-for-my-seven-kids crowd.  You know, the ones that have a confederate flag somewhere on there lifted truck and insist on dropping the hammer when passing.

  • It's getting colder.  School is back in session and people seem to have settled into the slower fall/winter rhythm of life.  Summers in Alaska are bananas.  Vitamin-D deprived Alaskans try and squeeze 6 months of living into 3 each summer, which makes for a noticeable let-down in the fall.  I love it.  My morning rides now include thermal arm and leg warmers, toe covers, hats and thicker gloves.  Cycling shorts are not made with wind guard material in the front crotch panel?  Am I the only one who dreams of a neoprene ball-koozie during the first 15 minutes of each ride?  It's too early for the fleece tights but too cold for the regular clothing.  I guess I'm just trying to squeeze more out of less this summer. . .it's Alaskan.


  1. I've been thinking about sewing some windstopper fleece to the crotch of my riding shorts for the winter for quite some time now. This winter might be the one it actually happens.

  2. You might be on to something w/ that ball-koozie idea!